NewsThey discover illegal sale, false exchanges and even sacrifices in a Mexican...

    They discover illegal sale, false exchanges and even sacrifices in a Mexican zoo

    The park director, now removed from office, even went so far as to slaughter pygmy goats for the New Year’s Eve dinner.

    Animals from the Zoochilpan Zoo, in the city of Chilpancingo (state of Guerrero, Mexico), were illegally sold or traded and others slaughtered for human consumption. The responsibilities point to Jose Ruben Nava Noriega, who was the director of the place and was separated from the position to submit it to an investigation process.

    This was reported at a press conference by the head of the entity’s Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources (Semaren), Angel Almazan Juarez.

    The irregularities came to light after in January a deer was left to die who had been rescued by residents of the Jardines de Zinnia subdivision.

    Almazan Juarez reported that the animal, bitten by a dog, was transferred to the zoo with minor injuries; however, as investigations determined, was not properly cared for and even had its antlers cut off.

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    From that case, the removal of some animals who lived in the so-called green lung of the state capital, for which the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) initiated the corresponding inquiries.

    The official mentioned other irregularities committed under the direction of Nava Noriega, among them that “exchange” four specimens of watusis -a bovine breed native to Africa- for materials, tools and supplies necessary for the park, without any of it being found in the place.

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    In addition, the director would have received in this “‘barter’ 65,000 pesos (3,459 dollars), an amount that ultimately had to be entered into the zoo’s coffers and did not appear either.

    “The movement carried out with the watusis was never notified to Semaren, Semarnat or Profepa,” Almazan Juarez pointed out.

    For his part, the head of the Semaren Wildlife Department, Fernando Ruiz Gutierrez, pointed out that the former director of the zoo had four male specimens of pygmy goats to use at the end-of-year inn, that is, “they were slaughtered and cooked” for dinner.

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    He emphasized that this also put the health of diners at risk, “because They were not animals fit for human consumption.“.

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    According to the Semaren authorities, there were multiple anomalies with other specimens, such as sheep, coyotes, reptiles, hawks and macaws, of which evidence was obtained through documents, worker testimonies and photographs.

    At the moment, the Guerrero government’s Comptroller’s Office is carrying out the pertinent investigations to determine responsibilities and, if possible, locate the missing animals.

    Source: RT

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