NewsThey discover a new species of lizard with a triangular head in...

    They discover a new species of lizard with a triangular head in Vietnam

    In the last two years, three new varieties of gecko have been described in the karstic areas of the north of the Asian country.

    A group of researchers discovered a new species of triangular-headed lizard in northeastern Vietnam, according to an article published in the biodiversity magazine Zoo Keys.

    It is a new class of gecko that inhabits the cliffs or karstic reliefs of Lung Cu commune (Ha Giang province), where three new species of this lizard have been described in the last two years.

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    The new population found differed in the morphological and molecular phylogenetic analyzes from the rest of the specimens in the region, which is why the researchers classified it as a new species.

    The animal, named ‘Hemiphyllodactylus lungcuensis’, is characterized by its sandy-brown color with dark brown stripes and pale yellow extremities.

    The research determined from phylogenetic analyzes that the species is related to other specimens present in Vietnam and China, but there is significant geographic separation from its closest relatives.

    The scientists mention that more field research is required to analyze the undiscovered diversity of ‘Hemiphyllodactylus’ in the largest karst formation in northern Vietnam.

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    Source: RT

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