NewsThey denounce an alleged satanic sect that would operate in a flower...

    They denounce an alleged satanic sect that would operate in a flower shop in northern Mexico

    In the state of Sinaloa, unknown persons attacked the site with weapons, leaving wreaths with messages and even a box inside which they found severed genital parts of a man.

    Inhabitants of the city of Los Mochis, in the state of Sinaloa, in northwestern Mexico, denounce the alleged existence of a satanic sect, which would operate inside a flower shop in the city.

    The place became relevant on May 9, when unknown individuals attacked the flower shop with weapons to presumably kill the owner, but they were unsuccessful, reported Milenio.

    In a video circulating on the networks, you can see the moment of the attack, while the people who were inside shouted “there are children.”

    One day after this attack, a funeral wreath was left outside the flower shop, with a ribbon that read: “For extortionist, robber and kidnapper”.

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    An alleged former employee told on social networks that inside the flower shop there was an altar in a room, where she had more than 100 images of Santa Muerte. Some clients who are devotees left offerings to that object of worship.

    He also recounted that in the upper part of the place they had the devil, nicknamed ‘El papas fritas’. In addition, the former worker referred to a coconut that was placed on the premises to catch “bad vibes”. Several weeks after it was placed, the owner would ask employees to dump it in the trash cans of neighboring flower shops “so they wouldn’t sell out and go out of business,” which would have worked for one of them.

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    On July 16, another floral wreath was left. On that occasion it read on the tape: “The reflection of your actions… so that you educate yourself and lower your balls”.

    Under the crown was a wooden box with a blue bow. Given the situation, members of various police corporations arrived at the scene, opened the box to rule out the presence of explosives and, instead, found severed genital parts of a man.

    Response from the authorities

    In this regard, the entity’s attorney general, Sara Bruna Quinonez Estrada, said that an investigation folder for homicide was opened. “It is assumed that in order to obtain those human remains they had to take someone’s life“, he stated, quoted by El Sol de Sinaloa.

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    At some point, five life-size figures were also left, four were of Santa Muerte and one of the devil.

    “Citizens in general are not at risk. We run the natural risks that derive from acts of violence, to which citizens in general are exposed,” said the governor of Sinaloa, Ruben Rocha Moya.

    Source: RT

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