NewsThey create an episode of 'South Park' with the help of ChatGPT

    They create an episode of ‘South Park’ with the help of ChatGPT

    During the plot, one of the main characters argues why people shouldn’t be blamed for using ChatGPT.

    The creators of the American animated series ‘South Park’ have used artificial intelligence to create their latest episode entitled ‘Deep learning’ (‘Deep learning’, in English).

    According to the credits of the same chapter, which was released on March 8, this was co-written by the popular ChatGPT. The plot, set in South Park Elementary School, shows that students discover that they can use the AI ​​system to do their homework and send messages to their girlfriends, details the Daily Mail.

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    Everything gets complicated when suspicions arise from the use of ChatGPT, so the school begins to use an AI detector to find the culprits. The AI ​​generated the speech delivered by Stan, notable for its robotic sound, in which the character argues why people shouldn’t be blamed for using ChatGPT.

    Stan accuses giant tech companies of “packaging” and “monetizing” AI to get it out to people as soon as possible to “get ahead.” “OpenAI [la empresa desarrolladora de ChatGPT] It’s so powerful that it has to be something that everyone can use, control and contribute to,” the character says.

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    In December 2022, the creators of the series announced a investment of 20 million dollars in the artificial intelligence study Deep Voodoo, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    Source: RT

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