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    “They could be your daughters”: Luis Rubiales’ uncle reveals a discussion he had with the president of the RFEF

    Juan Rubiales assured that his nephew subjugated the Spanish federation and its workers, who “have lived through a period of fear”, even going so far as to fire around thirty people.

    Juan Rubiales, uncle and former Chief of Staff of Luis Rubiales, suspended president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), has revealed an argument he had with his relative at a party held in Salobrena (Andalusia, Spain), during an extensive interview granted to El Confidencial, which was published this Wednesday.

    The man explained that one day he received a call from his nephew, who told him that they were going to have a work meeting and a party with girls invited by a friend of his, detailing that when he saw the age of the young women he locked himself in his room and he told him that he did not want to participate.

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    “He even came in [Luis] and he said, “Dude, what’s wrong with you?” “That this seems crazy to me. That we are losing our minds, that you are here with 18-year-old girls who could be your daughters,” she replied, saying that they were what are known as “image girls.”

    What is Luis Rubiales like?

    A former referee denounces Rubiales for the alleged diversion of almost two million euros

    Juan assured that Luis is a man obsessed with power, luxury, money and women, adding that he needs a program of social re-education and re-education in his relationship with people of the opposite gender.

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    He is a cowardly man. That’s why, if you see him, he is always surrounded by a lot of people,” he continued, detailing that he treated people “with disdain, with arrogance, with arrogance” and the phrase he repeated most was “it is better to be scared than disgusted.”

    Likewise, he asserted that he subjugated the Spanish federation and its workers, who “have lived through a period of fear”, even going so far as to fire around thirty people. “He felt comfortable, he felt important. He felt that he was a leader, like he wanted to be,” he noted.

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    “He has used the federation as a tool, first for his personal good; second, to satisfy his ego; and, third, to fight with those ghosts that he sees everywhere. […] His great enemy is himself. He has died because of his pride and because of his arrogance. And now he doesn’t have the slightest dignity to get out of this trance in an honorable way. And what he has done is get worse [ensuciando] this situation becomes more and more common every day,” concluded the interviewee.

    Source: RT

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