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    “They collude, do evil and call black white”: China’s mission to the EU condemns the G7 statement on Taiwan

    The diplomatic representation ruled out the idea that it was Beijing that caused the current escalation of tensions in the region.

    China’s diplomatic mission to the European Union (EU) condemned on Wednesday the joint statement of the Group of Seven (G7) and the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, in which they expressed concern about Beijing’s actions in response to the visit to Taiwan of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

    “What is ugly? What is shamelessness? […] The declaration of the G7 foreign ministers and the High Representative for Foreign Affairs of the EU is a living sample of all this. They collude, do evil and call black white,” the Global Times newspaper said in a statement.

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    In parallel, the text alludes to the mention by the G7 of the need to maintain the “rule-based” order. “There is no article of this kind in the purpose of the UN Charter, but only clear provisions on the inviolability of national sovereignty and territorial integrity. The so-called ‘rules-based international order’ of the G7 and EU foreign ministers’ statements can only be the logic of thieves“, denounced from the Chinese mission.

    They also dismissed the idea that it was Beijing that triggered the escalation of tensions current in the region. “It is China’s territorial integrity that is seriously threatened and China’s sovereignty is being seriously provoked,” they stressed, adding that the measures taken in response to Pelosi’s visit are “absolutely necessary and appropriate,” calling the act ” a blatant provocation”.

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    On the other hand, the Chinese diplomatic representation compared the group of the G7 and the EU with the Alliance of the Eight Nations that invaded China in 1900 to defeat the Uprising of the Boxers. “The Chinese people long ago stopped being bullied and groped by foreign powers. Today’s world is no longer an age in which Western powers can run amok. What to do with Taiwan depends of 1.4 billion Chinese,” they emphasized.

    • In the joint declaration of the G7 and the EU, the heads of diplomacy expressed their concern about the possibility that the situation lead to an escalation of tensions and in the destabilization of the region. The “threatening actions” undertaken by Beijing, in particular military exercises with live fire and economic pressure, may lead to “an unnecessary escalation“, they pointed out.
    • Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan has aggravated the tensions between the US and China, whose relations are in their worst state since both countries established diplomatic ties in 1979. This is the first trip by a speaker of the House of Representatives to the island in 25 years.
    • In response to Pelosi’s arrival, Beijing announced a series of “targeted military operations” and “major exercises” with live fire around Taiwan and its respective airspace.
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    Source: RT

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