NewsThey attack the house of a mayor in another day of riots...

    They attack the house of a mayor in another day of riots in France

    After another day of violence, France was barely coming out of its stupor this Sunday, hours after young people who confronted the police They will launch a vehicle against the house of a mayor near Paris.

    The episode caused injuries to the official’s wife and one of his two children and generated a strong protest from the national association of mayors who called for a march on Monday.

    France has experienced a wave of violent riots since the publication of the video of Nahel’s death, a 17-year-old boy who died Tuesday from a point-blank shot by a police officer during a traffic control in Nanterre, near Paris.

    The anger over the event degenerated into clashes with the police, looting and burning of vehicles in various cities of the country, as well as indignation beyond its borders, especially in Algeria, the country where the family of the dead young man is from.

    house attacked

    The attack on the mayor’s house occurred in the small town of L’Ha-les Roses, in the suburbs of Paris, where a burning car crashed into the home of Vincent Jeanbrun, of the conservative Republican party.

    The wife and one of their two young children were slightly injured while escing from the home. Jeanbrun was in the city hall at the time of the attack. According to the prosecution, has opened an investigation for “attempted homicide”, The first indications suggest that “the vehicle was launched with the intention of burning the house.”

    Evidence. The police take away the burnt-out car with which the mayor’s house was attacked near Paris. (Reuters)

    President Emmanuel Macron announced a crisis meeting this Sunday afternoon with his prime minister and the heads of the Interior and Justice. At its end, the government said it will redeploy a large security contingent made up of 45,000 agents.

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    “Tonight, for the third night in a row, 45,000 police officers are mobilized throughout France to ensure the return of public order in a lasting manner. The mobilization of the security forces continues. It does not decay ”, transmitted the French Ministry of the Interior via Twitter.

    Attack figures

    From Friday to Saturday, at least 719 people were arrested, 45 police officers were injured, there were 871 fires on public roads and damage to 74 buildings, according to authorities. Despite the still bulky figures, the Ministry of the Interior reported that the last night was “quieter” than the previous ones, with 1,311 arrests from Thursday to Friday.

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    Macron’s call was intended to make a detailed assessment of the current situation, both at the security and judicial levels, and the economic impact of the riots.

    Likewise, some of the Government’s plans for the next few days were discussed, the details of which were disclosed to the press.

    On the one hand, Macron plans to meet this Monday with the presidents of the Senate, Gerard Larcher, and of the National Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet, and, on the other, on Tuesday he will receive just over two hundred mayors of municipalities affected by the riots, according to the BFMTV channel.

    Claim.  Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne described as

    Claim. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne described the attack on the mayor’s home as “intolerable” (Reuters).

    Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne described the attack on the mayor’s house as “intolerable” and the Association of Mayors of France (AMF) called a rally today at noon in front of municipalities across the country.

    According to the organization’s president, David Lisnard, “150 city halls or municipal buildings have been attacked” since Tuesday.

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    Macron, who on Saturday decided to postpone his state visit to Germany, is experiencing his second major crisis in a few months after the demonstrations against the pension reform.

    concern abroad

    The head of the German government, Olaf Scholz, He declared himself “concerned” this Sundayalthough he was “totally convinced that the French head of state will find the means for the situation to improve quickly.”

    Violence in France, which will host the Rugby World Cup this year and the Olympic Games in 2024, worries abroad. Several countries advised their citizens not to travel to areas affected by violence.

    The UN warned on Friday of the “deep” problems of “racism and racial discrimination” among the French security forces, considerations that the government considered “totally unfounded.”

    Violence and anger Young people from popular neighborhoods remember the riots that shook France in 2005, after the death of two teenagers pursued by the police. The dead teenager was buried on Saturday in Nanterre. The 38-year-old police officer who shot him has been in custody since Tuesday, charged with voluntary manslaughter

    Source: Clarin

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