NewsThey affirm that Ivan Marquez, the legendary FARC guerrilla, who abandoned the...

    They affirm that Ivan Marquez, the legendary FARC guerrilla, who abandoned the peace process, died

    Several Colombian media outlets announced his death. He would have been fatally wounded in an attack in 2022. Who was he?

    Ivan Marquez, head of the FARC dissidents identified as Second Marquetaliadied as a result of injuries received in an attack in 2022reported Colombian media citing anonymous government sources, which officially He has not yet confirmed the news.

    “Luciano Martin Arango, alias Ivan Marquez, 68, head of Segunda Marquetalia, died,” the Colombian newsper El Tiempo said.

    According to the same outlet, the intelligence services have been verifying since Thursday the versions that show that Marquez died in CaracasVenezuela, “in a house where he was guarded by men from the regime.”

    Defense Minister Ivan Velasquez told the press that they are “verifying” those versions: “There is no confirmation, we are with the verifications. We are attentive”.

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    “We are attentive for when we have confirmed news of this nature,” insisted the head of the Defense portfolio.

    fatal head injuries

    Marquez would have died of head injuries on June 29, 2022 in a failed attempt to end his life, after which he was admitted to a Venezuelan hospital, according to senior military sources reported to the Caracol radio station.

    According to the CM& news, former rebel chief could not overcome the injuries of the attack committed by a group of “mercenaries”.

    Ivan Marquez speaks to the media in Bogota, in 2018. Photo: Reuters

    In the attack, Marquez would have injured a leg, lost an arm and a shrnel would have entered his brain, according to the newscast.

    Although the guerrillas assured that the attack had been carried out by the Colombian authorities, the then Colombian president, Ivan Duke, blamed the dissidence led by Nestor Vera, alias Ivan Mordisco, in a dispute over the cocaine market.

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    From peace negotiations to the return to the fight

    ivan marquez he was the chief negotiator of the FARC in the peace process that culminated in the agreement signed with the government of President Juan Manuel Santos in 2016, but in 2019 he chose to resume the armed struggle with other important guerrilla leaders for the non-compliance of the Ivan Duque Executive of the peace process.

    Ivan Marquez during the presentation of candidates of his political party, in 2017. Photo: Reuters

    Ivan Marquez during the presentation of candidates of his political party, in 2017. Photo: Reuters

    According to the line of command of the Second Marquetalia, Jose Aldinever Sierra, alias the Zarco Aldinever, would assume command from the group of dissidents and his deputy would be Jose Vicente Lesmes, alias Walter Mendoza.

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    Both “Zarco Aldinever” and “Walter Mendoza” have been by Marquez’s side, and they are the ones who represented him in the proaches with the Government to be included in the “total peace” process proposed by President Gustavo Petro.

    According to the intelligence agencies, La Segunda Marquetalia has 1,048 men under arms and 598 in support networks for a total of 1,646 members.

    According to El Tiempo, which cites intelligence sources, the Second Marquetalia has gradually lost its armed presence in Venezuelan territory, in the states of Apure and Amazonas, “product of the confrontations between armed actors”, with fronts of alias Ivan Mordisco, all for the control of cocaine trafficking.

    Aldinever, 45, born in Villavicencio, Meta, joined the former FARC at the age of 15.


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    Source: Clarin

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