NewsThe war in Ukraine celebrates 500 days with no end in sight

    The war in Ukraine celebrates 500 days with no end in sight

    Volodimir Zelenski sent messages of encouragement to the soldiers from the emblematic Island of Snakes. Uncertainty and more attacks.

    The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, sent messages of encouragement to the soldiers and the population at the 500 days of war suffered by the country due to the brutal invasion by Russia, which this Saturday once again launched a deadly attack on the tormented country.

    The president released a video previously recorded on the Isla de las Serpientes, where he deposited flowers with the colors of the national flag.

    That island became an emblem of the resistance with a famous radio exchange between Ukrainian soldiers delivering a resounding “fuck you” to the crew of a Russian warship demanding their surrender. The invaders took the place and stopped the contingent. But finally the Ukrainians rectured the island in June 2022.

    The conflict, which has left tens of thousands dead, has no end in sight and is stuck.

    The United States has just shocked its own allies by deciding to deliver cluster bombs to kyiv, a weon that is banned almost everywhere in the world. President Joe Biden’s argument was that the Ukrainians are running out of ammunition.

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    The measure was plauded by the Republican opposition but criticized by Democratic lawmakers. has also been highly contested in Europe by central Washington allies such as Britain and Germany.

    The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, on the symbolic Island of Snakes. Photo: AFP

    “Let’s move on!” Was the message, in turn, from Ukrainian soldiers and military commanders and heads of security agencies such as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Valeri Zaluzhni, the Commander-in-Chief of the Army, Oleksandr Sirski, or that of military intelligence, Kirilo Budanov, in a video published simultaneously with that of the island.

    “Although this is a small piece of land, in the middle of our Black Sea, this is great proof that Ukraine will recover every particle of its territory,” the president stressed in his message.

    figures of destruction

    Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Andri Kostin pointed out that during the 500 days of war Russia has committed 94,000 war crimes and destroyed 115,000 objects of civilian infrastructure.

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    More than 10,500 civilians were killed, including 500 children, he said, vowing that “no crime will go unpunished.” There is no reliable data on the casualties of both sides, which are estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands.

    A Russian soldier stands near a house damaged by a Russian attack in the Donetsk region.  Photo: REUTERS

    A Russian soldier stands near a house damaged by a Russian attack in the Donetsk region. Photo: REUTERS

    Despite the efforts of some countries like China and Brazil or continents like Africa to promote peace in Ukraine, today there is no no chance of the war ending at the negotiating table.

    These proposals are also being questioned because they insist on calling for an unconditional ceasefire, that is, without demanding the withdrawal of the invading forces.

    Russia has taken four provinces between the border valley of the Donbass and the Crimean peninsula, which is the literal front of the war today. The essential condition that kyiv demands for any negotiation is that these troops leave its territory, a position in which it has the support of NATO.

    “This is a global war of an existential nature and someone has to lose),” presidential adviser Mikhailo Podoliak told the independent Russian website Meduza in reference to Russia.

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    The counteroffensive, with problems

    He admitted that the counter-offensive is slow due to the mines and fortifications that Russia has erected while Ukraine awaited the arrival of Western heavy weons. That’s why reiterated that kyiv needs long-range missiles to hit the Russian rear, fighters and large-caliber shells.

    The new US military package of 800 million dollars will include additional large-caliber ammunition and also the controversial cluster bombs that Kiev says it will not use in urban areas “to avoid risks to civilians.”

    Human Rights Watch (HRW) denounced, however, that both Russia and Ukraine have used this type of weon in the war.

    This Saturday, the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Kiev government precisely accused Russia of having used cluster munitions in a bombardment of the center of the unoccupied city of Liman, in the eastern region of Donetsk, where at least seven civilians and 13 others have died. they were injured.

    Source: EFE and AFP

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