NewsThe video that unites Barbie with Gustavo Petro and independence: why is...

    The video that unites Barbie with Gustavo Petro and independence: why is there controversy in Colombia?

    An audiovisual piece circulates on digital platforms that has been harshly criticized by Internet users.

    No one knows how it appeared or who did it. A video that mixes elements that are difficult to combine has caused great controversy in the networks: scenes from the movie ‘Barbie’, photos of President Gustavo Petro and Vice President Francia Marquez, and the invitation to celebrate Colombian independence.

    Several Internet users have published on social platforms a clip attributed to the TikTok account of the Colombian Presidency, whose main theme is the relationship between the premiere of the film directed by the American Greta Gerwig and the starting point for the country’s independence. south american.

    Although the record of less than 30 seconds is not posted on TikTok or on any government platform, has been shared thousands of times by network users, with opinions ranging from harsh criticism to praise.

    So far, it is unknown if it was really a piece created by the Casa de Narino, if it is a joke or if it was removed from the networks due to the discomfort it caused among Internet users. By the authorities there has not been any reaction to clarify what happened.

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    What is it about?

    In the first scene, Barbie takes off her delicate high-heeled sandals and immediately a bogged-down boot is seen which, from the following image, is understood to belong to the Colombian president.

    Then, with a predominance of a pink filter, a title appears where it reads: “This July 20”. Next, Barbie and Ken are seen traveling in a convertible car, on a yacht, and on a rocket ship.

    After this succession of images a beach appears and on the screen there is a phrase that reads: “The Government of change arrives in San Andres“.

    The president had already announced that last week, when the ruling in favor of Colombia was announced in The Hague, that a “great mobilization for national sovereignty” would begin on that Colombian island on July 20.

    In the controversial audiovisual material there are also photos of the vice president, Francia Marquez, and the president, accompanied by the writing “Let’s celebrate our sovereignty.”

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    The clip, which has been viewed more than 300,000 times, ends with the Barbie and Ken characters dancing in a disco and with a logo that reads: “July 20, Sovereignty Party.”

    That same logo had been shared by Petro, on his Twitter account, a week ago.

    The reactions

    Columnist Daniel Samper was ironic about the choice of topic and wrote on his Twitter account: “If something represents the ancestral fight against the empire, it is celebrating the cry for independence with an official video of President Barbie.”

    For his part, journalist Hassan Nassar, who was Ivan Duque’s presidential adviser, sardonically affirmed that he was a “digital strategist” for the presidency to show “a government full of accessories, toys and appearances“.

    Along the same lines, the opposition party Cambio Radical wrote: “The question is: how could the Presidency believe that associating Barbie with July 20 was an ‘ideote’?”

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    On the opposite side of the harsh criticism, an Internet user said that he preferred “Petro Barbie” to a “genocidal Uribe”; and another wrote that the person who developed the clip strategy had to be rewarded.

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    Source: RT

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