NewsThe US wants to "exploit" what it can recover from the Chinese...

    The US wants to “exploit” what it can recover from the Chinese globe

    Senior US Homeland Security officials said Monday that Washington is trying to recover the Chinese hot air balloon shot down last Saturday by the US military, reports The Hill.

    Although the recovery of the balloon will take time, it will be beneficial “so that then we can exploit what we recover and learn even more from what we have learned,” said Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser, during the US Global Leadership Coalition summit. In addition, he stressed that US authorities have already received a lot of information about the balloon while monitoring his flight over the territory of the country.

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    Meanwhile, the coordinator for Strategic Communications of the US National Security Council, John Kirby, in a press conference reiterated that the results of the recovery of the device “will prove valuable.”

    “The time we had to study this globe over the course of a few days last week we think was important and It will give us a lot more clarity on not only the capabilities these balloons have, but what China is trying to do with them.“, he explained.

    Source: RT

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