NewsThe unprecedented method to smuggle fuel from Argentina to Paraguay that resulted...

    The unprecedented method to smuggle fuel from Argentina to Paraguay that resulted in 3 arrests

    The agents discovered a 50-meter long plastic hose that crossed the Pilcomayo River, which serves as a natural border between the two countries.

    The Argentine National Gendarmerie dismantled a gang that was smuggling fuel from the northeast of that country to Paraguay.

    The uniformed officers carried out raids on six homes in different sectors of the city of Clorinda, in the province of Formosa, where they found a plastic hose approximately 50 meters long, which was used for the passage of fuel to the neighboring country, reported the security force in a press release.

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    The hose crossed the Pilcomayo River, which serves as the natural border between Argentina and Paraguay, and carried fuel from one country to another through an unauthorized passage.

    According to the Gendarmerie, they also seized seven engines used for fuel propulsiona steel cable that connected both banks of the river, a DVR device and documentation of interest.

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    Added to all this are four pick-up vehicles, four metal tank-type trailers with an approximate capacity of 1,500 liters, four 1,000-liter plastic tanks, six 200-liter plastic drums, 20 drums of 30 liters each and 390 liters. of fuel distributed in 13 drums.

    As a result of these raids, which occurred in compliance with a judicial measure issued by the Federal Court of Formosa, the uniformed officers arrested three men.

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    The Gendarmerie explained that the investigation was carried out with the use of drones in the city of Clorinda and in the town of Laguna Naick Neck, in Formosa.

    Source: RT

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