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    ‘The Stolen of the Year’: The networks explode after the controversial final of a boxing duel between two ‘streamers’

    The duel between Marina Rivers, from Spain, and the Mexican Samy ‘Rivers’ Rivera, has been one of the most outstanding programs of ‘La velada del ano 3’.

    The second match of ‘The evening of year 3’, one of the most anticipated events among the Twitch streaming platform community, has given rise to talk. It has not only generated various criticisms of the organizers of the show, but also a wave of memes and humor.

    Twelve content creators, from different Spanish-speaking countries, met this Saturday in a ‘ring’ to box in front of millions of fans. The most notable fight was between the ‘streamers’ Marina Rivers, from Spain, and the Mexican Samy ‘Rivers’ Rivera.

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    After 3 intense ’rounds’, the judges ruled that Marina’s merits were more to make her the winner of the duel, a decision that was widely criticized by Internet users and branded as ‘the stolen of the year’, since the Mexican had connected her rival multiple hits throughout the fight.

    Source: RT

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