NewsThe right wants a presidential system and the center-left joins

    The right wants a presidential system and the center-left joins

    The electoral campaign jumped into action with a view to the early general elections on September 25, in which the polls predict a vast victory for the centre-right parties. Today, after arduous negotiations, the Democratic Party and the Action movement announced a coalition pact center left.

    The rights are more advanced and proposed the main programmatic pointsamong which stands out presidentialism.

    Another important event took place during the day. Given the announcements that the government of resigning Mario Draghi, which manages current affairs, could try to privatize the new flag carrier, ITA callwhich replaced Alitalia, the prime ministerial candidate of the main “destra” party, Giorgia Meloni, issued an alarmed warning to the prime minister.

    In a statement, Meloni said that “my wish is that Prime Minister Draghi refutes the hypothesis of acceleration of the sale of ITA to Lufthansa”, the German airline.

    Meloni’s “stop” records the first contact, with sparks, between the parties that are in the electoral campaign and the Draghi government, which will leave the Executive in October to the political forces that win the elections.

    The polls indicate a comfortable victory for the right, which could gather 45-47% of the votes, while the center-left would be below 40%. Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy are assigned 24-25% of the preferences, 13.5% to Matteo Salvini’s League, and 8.8% to Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia.

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    Meloni explains in his call that “what made us jump in the chairs is that the sale of ITA would be carried out by the government that has resigned and can only deal with current affairs, and this is not it.” The candidate for prime minister points out that “after the elections of September 25 Everything can change and the relaunch of our flag company will be taken care of by whoever governs”.

    He added that “we have faced important sacrifices to reduce costs and now we must carefully evaluate the presence of the State in the company and the shareholding of other partners.”

    The statement of the leader of the largest and most right-wing of the parties of the coalition can cause a jumble in the negotiations. The Ministry of the Economy considers the most interesting of the offers to be that of the German group Lufthansa, which offered 850 million euros for 80% of the new Italian flag carrier.

    The agreement of the “sinister”

    In announcing the agreement of the moderate “sinistra”, the leaders of the Democratic Party (23.8% in the polls) led by Enrico Letta and Carlo Calenda of Acción+Europa (6%), affirmed that “we recognize ourselves in the methods and the action of the government of Mario Draghi, who resigned on July 21 after clashing with various parties of the national unity coalition.

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    “The parties that have caused his downfall bear a great responsibility before the country and Europe”, reads the agreement.

    Both said they gave top priority to passing civil rights laws and a law that would more quickly grant citizenship to children born in Italychildren of immigrants.

    Letta and Calenda agreed to distribute all of the single-member associations, which make up 30% of the total seats at stake in deputies and senators, giving 70% to the Democratic Party and 30% to Acción+Europa.

    Letta announced that “the relationship between the Democratic Party and other lists with which we have a fundamental relationship remains strong.” Specialists point out that unless the alliance receive other contributionsa plan to “tie” the elections or get a number of senators who block the initiatives of the right-wing government will not work.

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    presidential system

    The center-right coalition is quickly preparing its program, in which the proposal for a constitutional law that establishes a presidential system in Italy stands out.

    In Europe there is only one country with a presidential system, which is France. It was implanted by General Charles De Gaulle when he was head of a post-war government. It has given good results.

    The system grants most of the powers in the president of the Republic, who is serving a term that was seven years and is now five.

    After the election of the President of the Republic by popular vote, as hpened recently, two weeks later, votes are again held in legislative elections that elect the deputies and senators who give life to a new government, which is sworn in before the President of the Republic .

    Brothers of Italy, the far-right party that has the greatest electoral support, has for years been the promoter of a constitutional law to introduce presidentialism in Italy. The time to propose it is now, yes, as the numbers show, the right wing will triumph in the elections on September 25 and Giorgia Meloni, its secretary general, is elected prime minister.

    Rome, correspondent

    Source: Clarin

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