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    The reason why a model of the presidential plane appears on the days of the elections in Spain

    The right-wing formation, favorite in the polls, has turned the alleged “excessive” use of the aircraft by Pedro Sanchez into one of the main arguments of his campaign.

    The final stretch of the electoral campaign in Spain continues to show signs of propaganda combat to discredit the adversary.

    This Wednesday, four days before the elections, the right-wing Popular Party (PP), favorite in the polls, installed a cardboard reproduction of a cabin of the official Falcon 900 plane on Paseo de Recoletos, one of the main avenues in Madrid. to ask for a vote against the socialist president Pedro Sanchez.

    The PP and the far-right Vox, with whom the ‘popular’ Alberto Nunez Feijoo will have to agree -according to polls- if he wants to reach an absolute majority of 176 seats to be able to govern, have turned that plane into a symbol of their opposition to Sanchez.

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    Both parties insistently accuse the Prime Minister of have overused that means of transport, not only for official acts. In fact, they have turned that into one of his main campaign arguments.

    “It is time to go down to Pedro del Falcon”, can be read on the sign that appears next to the model. “Get on the Falcon, take a photo and share it on your RRSS with the hashtag #UnBilleteParaPedro,” reads another sign next to the cabin access stairs.

    The right “installed in the lie”

    Sanchez, who accuses the right-wing bloc of “being installed in lies” and of “taking the Falcon for a walk” because they “have absolutely nothing” to criticize his government, says that argument is part of the manipulation strategy in his against.

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    “Manipulation is to say that I am a person who is absolutely willing to do anything in order to continue in the Falcon, when I have made the same use of this means of transport as the rest of the presidents of the Government throughout history,” he said weeks ago in an interview.

    The installation has had a great impact on social networks, where several progressive voters have hit back at Feijoo.

    One of them has linked the model with the controversial photo in which the popular candidate, who was president of Galicia (northeast) for 13 years, appears next to a known drug dealer from that region, Marcial Dorado.

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    In a tweet, the image of the cabin appears and, superimposed, one of the famous photos that Feijoo took with Dorado on a luxurious yacht.

    The photo of the right-wing presidential candidate with a narco shakes the electoral campaign in Spain

    “As in the PP they are very witty, I have arranged the campaign for them by putting Feijoo with a friend who could have his own plane,” says the Internet user.

    That image, taken in the 1990s, returned with force in this campaign days ago, when the candidate of the leftist block Sumar, who could agree with Sanchez in case the numbers give her to avoid the return of the right to power, told her urged to explain the “intimate friendship” de Feijoo with a “drug trafficker with the biggest brand in the world”.

    Source: RT

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