NewsThe Puebla Group warns about the "danger of a coup d'etat" in...

    The Puebla Group warns about the “danger of a coup d’etat” in Guatemala

    The forum of Ibero-American leaders expressed concern about attempts to “sabotage the transition process towards the new elected government.”

    The Puebla Group and the Latin American Council of Justice and Democracy (Clajud) asked this Monday that respect democratic continuity in Guatemala, in the midst of the political crisis unleashed after the suspension of the Semilla Movement, the party of president-elect Bernardo Arevalo, and the judicial persecution against the group.

    The forum of Ibero-American leaders issued a statement warning about “attempts to sabotage the transition process to the new government”following the controversial decision of the General Directorate of the Citizen Registry of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), which on August 28, provisionally, removed the legal personality of the political party in compliance with the order of Judge Freddy Orellana .

    “We denounce the judicial authorities and opposition spokespersons who have started a legal war (‘lawfare’)” against the elected president, points out the text. And he warns about “the danger of a coup d’etat in process.”

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    “During the electoral process,” the Puebla and Clajud Group point out, “several attempts have been made to delegitimize the winning candidacy and the Semilla party that he (Bernardo Arevalo) represents through actions that include threats to the lives of the leaders.” , illegal raids on his campaign headquarters and advertisements for arbitrary arrests“, they stated.

    “Respect alternation”

    In coincidence with what was expressed by several governments and international organizations, they “emphatically” request the Government of Guatemala and its judicial authorities, especially the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and the Constitutional Court, to “reiterate the validity” of the past electoral elections of the August 20, its results are made official and respected “the alternation decided by the people starting next January 14, 2024.”

    Likewise, the group demands that the investiture of the positions of president and vice president (Karin Herrera) be respected, and that the decision to outlaw the Semilla Party made be annulled. “because it comes from a non-competent authority”.

    The Congress of Guatemala opens a process to resolve the suspension of Movimiento Semilla

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    The signatory leaders, among whom the former presidents Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (Spain) stand out; Ernesto Samper (Colombia) and Rafael Correa (Ecuador), denounced “the systematic judicialization of the electoral process and the Semilla Movement, in a context of total loss of institutionality, at the hands of a right mired in corruption, which has allowed the advance of organized crime in the country.

    This Sunday, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Guatemala revoked the suspension of the registration of the Movimiento Semilla party, and declared that the resolution issued by the Registry of Citizens is left in suspense “until the electoral process is over [el 31 de octubre]”.

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    In turn, the TSE judges urged the three branches of government to “continue to ensure respect for the popular will expressed at the polls, the integrity, purity and effectiveness of the electoral process.”

    Arevalo’s previous complaint

    On September 1, Arevalo held a press conference with his running mate, Herrera, in which he pointed out the “spurious, illegitimate and illegal actions in different instances” aimed at “preventing the takeover of the elected authorities, including the president, the vice president and our deputies to the Congress of the Republic.”

    In that message to the media, Arevalo denounced a “coup d’etat in progress.”

    “There is a group of corrupt politicians and officials who refuse to accept this result and have launched a plan to break the constitutional order and violate democracy,” said the president-elect.

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    Source: RT

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