NewsThe pilot of an airplane died after suffering a decompensation in mid-flight

    The pilot of an airplane died after suffering a decompensation in mid-flight

    It hpened during a trip between Miami and Santiago de Chile that was interrupted in Panama, where an emergency landing had to be made. The victim had more than 25 years of experience.

    A pilot of the Chilean airline Latam died after suffering a decompensation during a flight that began in Miami, United States, which was destined for the city of Santiago, in Chile, and which had to be interrupted in Panama, where a emergency landing to care for the victim.

    In the middle of the trip, the pilot told his crewmates that he felt bad and asked his co-pilots to land the plane at the Tocumen International Airport, near the Panamanian cital. The plane touched down at 00:40 (local time) on Tuesday and the man, identified as ivan andaurwith more than 25 years of experience, received assistance, but the doctors failed to save his life.

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    “Latam Airlines Group reports that yesterday’s flight LA505, which was on the Miami-Santiago route, had to land at the Tocumen International Airport in Panama, due to a medical emergency of one of the three members of the command crew,” the company reported on Tuesday through an official statement.

    Meanwhile, they specified that “during the flight, all the necessary safety protocols were carried out to safeguard the life of the affected pilot.” However, “after landing and after receiving assistance on the ground, he unfortunately passed away.”

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    “As a Latam group we are deeply moved by what hpened and we extend our most sincere condolences to the family of our collaborator. We deeply preciate their 25 years of experience and his valuable contribution, which has always been distinguished by his dedication, professionalism, and commitment,” the company closed.

    The medical emergency caused the flight LA505 made a landing last Monday, unexpectedly, at an airport in Panama, one of the most important air terminals in Latin America.

    The passengers who suffered this change of route on their flight were boarded this Tuesday bound for Santiago de Chile.

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    Source: Clarin

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