Newsthe moment in which a man kidns a minor in Brazil and...

    the moment in which a man kidns a minor in Brazil and takes her in a suitcase to make her his “sex slave”

    Daniel Moraes Brittar and his partner and accomplice Geisy Souza drugged, threatened, and subdued the 12-year-old girl. They suspect that they filmed the res to sell them and that there would be more victims.

    Daniel Moraes Brittar is a 42-year-old Brazilian who works in computer analysis. He wears glasses, a beard, and his hair is combed to one side. He is in a relationship with Geisy Souza, 22, a dark-haired woman who is exuberant on social networks. Both face the possibility of a severe sentence for kidnping and re of minorsproduct of a video that was released in which Kidnped a 12-year-old girl in a suitcase and the strong suspicion that he was not the only victim.

    As reported by UOL Brasil, the couple has been detained since June 28 and after the dissemination of the images and raids where weons, pornogrhic material and chemicals were found to sedate victimsthe minor was not the first and they were planning new attacks.

    Police suspect that the minor was not the only victim of the pedophile. photo UOL Brazil

    The 12-year-old girl was kidnped by the couple in the Federal District of Brazil and the Police reported that they took her in the back seat of their black Ford Ecosport.

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    As soon as they brought her up, it was the woman who knocked her unconscious by using a cloth soaked in chloroform.

    The examination of the Medical-Legal Institute (IML) to which the 12-year-old girl was subjected determined that there was a sexual offensein addition to describing a series of Burnssome serious, on the girl’s body, probably caused by chloroform, which may have been mixed with another substance.

    Daniel's partner and accomplice, both are in prison.  Photo UOL Brazil

    Daniel’s partner and accomplice, both are in prison. Photo UOL Brazil

    The victim said that she was threatened with a knife and that in a wooded area the attackers lost other belongings such as her cell phone to avoid being tracked. There she was handcuffed and placed in a suitcase in which she was taken to an artment.

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    The security cameras of the house detected the moment in which the man transported the suitcase inside, where the 12-year-old girl was the victim of more attacks. Daniel’s girlfriend was dropped off elsewhere in the city. The attacker, who in October 2022 posted on his social networks about the importance of reporting sexual crimes, worked for Banco de Brasilia, a company that immediately fired him and repudiated this type of attack against minors.

    In the face of witness statements and the concern of a soldier, the victim’s uncle, the intelligence services searched for possible places where he could be found until they found the security cameras of the house that was later raided.

    Elements found by the Police in the attacker's house.  Photo UOL Brazil

    Elements found by the Police in the attacker’s house. Photo UOL Brazil

    When the forces of order entered, it was Daniel himself who opened the door for them and confessed to the crime after being questioned. the girl was found half naked in bed, handcuffed, with several bruises and in shock. She was immediately transferred for medical assistance.

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    They suspect that he commercialized the audiovisual material that he produced with his victims.

    In the last hours, the pedophile recorded a video in which he confesses that he thought about chemical castration and admits his pedophilic inclinations.

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