NewsThe Mexican journalist Ciro Gomez suffers an attack and Lopez Obrador expresses...

    The Mexican journalist Ciro Gomez suffers an attack and Lopez Obrador expresses his solidarity: “He is not alone”

    A couple of motorcyclists fired at the vehicle in which he was traveling. The authorities are already investigating the facts.

    The Mexican journalist Ciro Gomez Leyva denounced that on Thursday night he suffered an attack when he was on his way home and a couple of motorcyclists shot at his vehicle.

    “At 11:10 pm, 200 meters from my house, two people on a motorcycle shot at me, apparently with the clear intention of killing me. He saved me the armor of my truck that I was driving and I have found out about the matter to the authorities”, revealed the communicator through his social networks.

    The news sparked a commotion in Mexico, since Gomez Leyva is one of the most influential journalists and one of the main opponents of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

    Lopez Obrador stands in solidarity

    The president sent a message of solidarity to the communicator this Friday and celebrated that he was unharmed in the attack. “Fortunately there were no deadly, serious consequences, we celebrate him because he is a journalist and a human being, he is also a leader of public opinion,” he said.

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    Likewise, he stressed that the Government of Mexico City has already begun with the inquiries to find those responsible. “The most important thing is to express our solidarity, tell Ciro that he is not alone. I do this out of conviction, because we have notorious differences,” he added.

    “A damage to a personality like Ciro generates a lot of political instability, the main thing is that no one should be bothered, harmed and no one should be attacked, let alone take their lifewhich is the most sacred. So I send you a hug,” she emphasized.

    Violence against journalists

    The Gomez Leyva case once again shows that violence against the press is daily in Mexico, which in recent years has become the most dangerous country to practice this profession.

    According to the organization Article 19, from the year 2000 until now, 157 press workers have been assassinated. They are joined by dozens more threatened, displaced or exiled.

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    During this year alone, the murders of 13 journalistsThe last of them was the announcer Pedro Kumul, who was shot on November 22 while driving a taxi in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz.

    Most of these crimes go unnoticed, especially if the journalists worked in the provinces and not in Mexico City, since only a handful of organizations militate for the clarification of each murder and go out to march to demand justice in mobilizations that do not They are usually crowded.


    On the contrary, since Gomez Leyva is one of the most famous communicators in the country, the attack against him immediately gained notoriety and both authorities and colleagues made themselves available to him through messages on social networks.

    The head of government of Mexico City and presidential candidate, Claudia Sheinbaumreported that he had already spoken with the journalist and that they would provide him with special protection.

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    “We are going to arrest those responsible and rest assured that they have the full support of the Government of Mexico City,” said the Secretary of Citizen Security, Omar Garcia Harfuch.

    The chancellor Marcelo Ebrardwho is also the ruling party’s presidential candidate, joined the messages of support.

    “My solidarity, appreciation and support for Ciro Gomez Leyva. I hope that the authorities will soon find the material and intellectual authors of what happened and apply the law to them. Let’s make common cause for freedom of expression and the integrity of journalism”, wrote.

    Source: RT

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