NewsThe "major announcement" Trump promised to reveal turns out to be... an...

    The “major announcement” Trump promised to reveal turns out to be… an NFT collection promo featuring his likeness (VIDEO)

    The former US president assured that those who buy a card from the collection will have the “automatic opportunity to win incredible prizes”, including dinners, golf games and autographs.

    The “important announcement” that former US President Donald Trump promised to reveal on Thursday turned out to be an advertising message to promote the launch of a collection of NFT cards (‘non-fungible token’) with his image.

    Hello everyone, I’m Donald Trump, I hope your favorite president of all time […] with an important announcement to make. I’ve pulled out my official Donald J. Trump NFT collection. Called ‘Trump digital trading cards’“, explained the ex-president in a video. He also assured that those who buy a card will have the “automatic opportunity to win incredible prizes”, among which are dinners with the ex-president, golf matches, autographs and others.

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    Trump mentioned that the price of each card is $99, and reiterated that buyers will be able to join his “very exclusive community.” According to Bloomberg, the digital images are offered by the company NFT INT LLC, which is not related to the Trump presidential campaign or any of its companies.

    On the other hand, the CNET portal reported that around 45,000 NFTs were put up for sale, of which 12,000 have been sold since Trump made his announcement, generating around 1.2 million dollars.

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    Source: RT

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