NewsThe long list of pending accounts of Bolsonaro before the Justice in...

    The long list of pending accounts of Bolsonaro before the Justice in Brazil

    The far-right ex-president, who is close to losing his political rights for eight years, has several open processes for irregularities during his tenure.

    The far-right ex-president Jair Bolsonaro is getting closer to not being able to contest elections in Brazil for the next eight years.

    The seven judges of the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) in Brasilia resume the trial this Thursday to determine if he incurred in “abuse of power and misuse of media” for exposing to 40 ambassadors his unfounded theory against the reliability of electronic ballot boxes, three months before the elections that he ended up losing to the leftist Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

    The investigating judge in the case voted on Tuesday in favor of his disqualification because, according to him, “it is not possible to close one’s eyes to the undemocratic effects of violent speeches and liesabout the electoral system.

    And many pools, including that of the former president, are betting that the vote of the majority of judges will go that way. However, the former president will not go to prison because the trial is not criminal.

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    But this is just one of the more than 20 cases that Bolsonaro, whose term (2019-2022) was plagued with controversy and eccentricities, has open for a wide range of accusations.

    The attacks in Brasilia

    The 68-year-old former president has at least five open processes in the Federal Supreme Court (STF), which could have criminal consequences or restriction of rights for him.

    The most relevant is the one that investigates him for his alleged incitement to the attacks that his radical followers, dissatisfied with Lula’s victory, perpetrated against the headquarters of powers in Brasilia on January 8.

    Judge Alexandre de Moraes decided to include him in the mega-cause opened by a message posted days before by the former president who questioned the reliability of the ballot boxes.

    His theory on the voting system earned him two other processes in the STF.

    One that investigates the attacks by the networks to the polls by the digital militias allegedly emerged in the environment of the ex-president. And another for leaking confidential documents from a Federal Police (PF) investigation into a connection that the ex-president made on his social networks, questioning the electronic voting system without evidence.

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    The jewels of Saudi Arabia

    The other two cases are for allegedly interfering in the PF to hinder investigations against his family and for associating, also without evidence, the coronavirus vaccine at the risk of contracting AIDS. Both will probably be archived.

    In addition, the Police are investigating him for a case involving the valuable jewels that Saudi Arabia gave him when he was president and those that, contrary to what is established by law with gifts to presidents, he tried to misappropriate without incorporating them into the patrimony of the State. Part of them were intercepted at customs when their collaborators tried to enter them without declaring.

    The electoral Justice of Brazil orders an investigation into an alleged Bolsonarist "disinformation network"

    In common justice, it has other causes. One of them is due to an event prior to his mandate, when in 2014, during his years as a deputy, he told the cameras that deputy Maria do Rosario, from Lula’s Workers’ Party (PT), did not deserve to be raped because it was “very ugly”.

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    Due to these statements, he is being prosecuted for “incitement to rape” and for libel.

    But it is in electoral justice where he has more processes, 16. All of them can lead to consequences, but solely in terms of his rights as a politician.

    In addition to the one that the judges will vote on this Thursday, there are mainly open cases for events that occurred in the last campaign.

    Among others, for making direct connections of an electoral nature from government offices, grant new subsidies at campaign time or “create an ecosystem of disinformation” in the networks, which would start from his environment against Lula.

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    Source: RT

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