NewsThe Latin American country experiencing the deepest and most extensive drought in...

    The Latin American country experiencing the deepest and most extensive drought in its history (despite its current rainy season)

    Chile has had a rainfall deficit for thirteen years, especially in the regions of Coquimbo and Bío Bío, including its capital Santiago.

    The most recent report of the panel of experts of the United Nations for the first time spoke of “climate crisis” and Chile is one of the countries affected due to the 13 years that it drags with the worst drought in its historysays its Ministry of the Environment (MMA).

    The trans-Andean country, which in 2021 experienced the fourth driest year in its history, has a rainfall deficit of between 60% and 80% compared to the historical average. In addition, the deficit in snow accumulation is 85% and its main freshwater reservoirs barely reach 34% of their capacity.

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    Among the affected cities is its capital, Santiago, whose seven million inhabitants are supplied by the flow of the Maipo and Mapocho rivers, which have currently significantly reduced their water course.

    In 2022, the outlook has changed a bit due to the rains of the winter months, however, it has not been enough, according to Alicia Moya, a meteorologist at the Climate Services Office of the Chilean Meteorological Directorate.

    In an interview with the newspaper El Mercurio, the specialist explained that although there are areas that have improved its water levels compared to 2020, the deficit remains in much of Chile.

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    The central zone, where Santiago is located, the most populous city in the country, has a water deficit of 30%, which is why some capital municipalities have begun plans to reduce water in public spacesreplacing lawns with gardens that require less irrigation water.

    Although there is still a month of winter left, Moya believes that a lot of rain would have to be expected to reduce the deficit in the central zone, but he remains hopeful that the rainfall will be enough for the country to be “close to the range of as normal as possible.”

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    Source: RT

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