NewsThe largest forest fire of the year in California claims the lives...

    The largest forest fire of the year in California claims the lives of two people (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

    The flames have devastated an area of ​​more than 22,400 hectares in just four days.

    Two bodies were found inside a burnt-out car in the area where a forest fire broke out in northern California, USA, which has already destroyed an area of ​​more than 22,400 hectares in four days, the Office reported. Sheriff of the Californian county of Siskiyou.

    The bodies were found during the morning of last Sunday at the exit of a private residence. The McKinney fireravaging Siskiyou County, erupted on July 29 and is still causes are unknown that originated it.

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    Its about largest wildfire in California so far this year. The “extremely dry” vegetation and the continuing threat of electric stormsas well as the strong winds, could worsen the situation, which is why the evacuation of several towns that are within the risk areas has been ordered.

    Adrienne Freeman, a spokeswoman for the US Forest Service, said that some 5,000 homes and other structures in Northern California have been threatened by the flames and an unknown number of buildings have already burned.

    Source: RT

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