Newsthe investigating judge found him guilty and voted in favor of disqualifying...

    the investigating judge found him guilty and voted in favor of disqualifying him for 8 years

    The former president of Brazil is accused of having used his position to “degrade the electoral environment” in the run-up to the elections that he would later lose to Lula da Silva.

    The investigating judge of the trial against Jair Bolsonaro found the former Brazilian president guilty of abuses of power in the 2022 elections and voted in favor of disable it for 8 yearsin the second hearing held this Tuesday at the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE).

    The magistrate Benedito Goncalves considered proven that Bolsonaro used his then position of head of state “to degrade the electoral environment”, “incite a state of collective paranoia” and fabricate “conspiracy theories” with “false information” and “heinous lies”.

    “It is not possible to close your eyes to the undemocratic effects of violent speeches and lies that jeopardize the credibility of the electoral Justice”, affirmed the investigating judge in the summary reading of his vote, of 382 pages.

    Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro faces a trial that could disqualify him for 8 years. Photo: AFP

    With the first vote in favor of Bolsonaro’s disqualification, the trial, which stems from a complaint from the Democratic Labor Party, was suspended and will resume on thursday with the analysis of the other six magistrates that make up the electoral court and that will define the political future of the far-right leader.

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    The case against Bolsonaro, for his assault on the electoral system

    He center point of the case is a meeting to which Bolsonaro summoned fifty foreign ambassadors at the official residence of the Presidency, the July 18, 2022for seriously disqualify the electoral system and accuse the Justice of maneuvering in favor of the current president Lula da Silva.

    That meeting, described as “abnormal” by Goncalves and in which the then president poured unfounded suspicions about electronic ballot boxes that Brazil uses without complaints of fraud since 1996, was broadcast on public television and the social networks of the ctain of the Army reserve.

    Bolsonaro would end up losing the October elections of that year by a narrow margin to Lula, who took office on January 1.

    Judge Benedito Goncalves.  AFP photo.

    Judge Benedito Goncalves. AFP photo.

    However, Goncalves opted for the acquittal of Bolsonaro’s running mate, General Walter Braga Nettosince “their responsibility has not been proven” in the case.

    In this context, he pointed to Bolsonaro, 68, as “the integral responsible” of the event with the ambassadors, based on the testimonies collected in the investigation, including several of his closest ministers.

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    In his opinion, Bolsonaro, based on “completely distorted” arguments, “dangerously flirted with the coup” and tried to “convince” the diplomatic representatives that “his account deserved more trust than the official information from the TSE.”

    He tried to convince the international community that the elections were marked by systematic fraud and the corrupt performance of the TSE, exposing a false image of Brazilian democracy,” he said.

    What can hpen with Bolsonaro

    While the trial was taking place, Bolsonaro, who pleaded not guilty, puffed up on his Telegram channel about his management (2019-2022) in the face of “malicious narratives.”

    The trial began on Thursday of last week with the reading of the case report and oral presentations by the prosecution, Bolsonaro’s defense and the Public Ministry, which also asked to condemn the former head of state and strip him of his political rights.

    If found guilty, Bolsonaro may lose his political rights for the next 8 yearswith what could not run in the next presidential electionsin 2026.

    Jair Bolsonaro pleads not guilty.  Photo: REUTERS/Carla Carniel.

    Jair Bolsonaro pleads not guilty. Photo: REUTERS/Carla Carniel.

    The former president has had few public pearances since he returned to Brazil on March 30 after living in the United States for three months, while he has held meetings with his Liberal Party, the majority in Congress.

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    Weeks ago, he assured “he did not know” if he would be a candidate for public office again, although he made clear his intention to remain “active” in politics and “collaborate with the future of Brazil”.

    Other trials against Bolsonaro

    That of the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) will be the first of a series of decisions that could fall on the former president, who faces more than a dozen administrative processes in the electoral tribunal.

    He is also the subject of five investigations in the Federal Supreme Court, with prison sentences, including one for his alleged role as the mastermind of the violent protest on January 8.

    Since his return from the United States, he has testified before the police on three occasions: for the riots in Brasilia, for a case of jewelry that entered the country illegally in 2021 supposedly for him and his wife, and for an alleged system of forging certificates. vaccination against covid.

    With information from EFE.

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