NewsThe "extremely dangerous" murderer who escaped in the US is seen roaming...

    The “extremely dangerous” murderer who escaped in the US is seen roaming again.

    About 400 people are working in Pennsylvania to search for Danelo Cavalcante, who escaped from prison on August 31.

    Danelo Cavalcante, the criminal who escaped last week from a jail in Chester County (Pennsylvania), was seen twice this Friday, according to confirmed State Police recently. His sighting occurred within the area where his search is being carried out, that department said.

    The authorities had reported on Thursday that they suspected that Cavalcante was continuing within that perimeter and recalled that a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the criminal.

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    Cavalcante, 34 years old and of Brazilian origin, is considered “extremely dangerous” and had been sentenced to life in prison last month for the 2021 murder of his ex-girlfriend. He escaped on August 31 while awaiting transfer to a state facility. According to local media, he has been seen almost a dozen times.

    In the early hours of September 2, a surveillance camera captured him walking through a wooded area, a few kilometers from the prison where he was being held. According to the Chester County Prosecutor’s Office, He hadn’t changed his appearance.

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    To escape, the inmate walked between two walls in the exercise yard, forced his way through barbed wire, ran on a roof and scaled a wall to elude security. A guard on duty that day, who did not notice the escape, was fired this Thursday. Pennsylvania Police and other agencies have sent numerous tactical teams to the area. Now “About 400 people are working in the search, which has already reached 10 days, said Lieutenant Colonel George Bivens this Saturday.

    Source: RT

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