NewsThe executive secretary of Mexico's INE resigns after winning a ruling against...

    The executive secretary of Mexico’s INE resigns after winning a ruling against electoral reform

    Edmundo Jacobo Molina questioned the so-called ‘Plan B’ promoted by the ruling party, a series of legal changes to the National Electoral Institute that are currently on hold.

    Edmundo Jacobo Molina resigned on Tuesday from the Executive Secretariat of the National Electoral Institute (INE) of Mexico, a position in which he had been reinstated after obtaining a ruling in his favor against the so-called ‘Plan B’ of the electoral reforma series of modifications to the autonomous body promoted by the ruling party.

    At a press conference, the official said that he submitted his resignation to the President of the INE, Lorenzo Cordova Vianello, “irrevocably” and effective as of April 3.

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    Transitory article 17 of ‘Plan B’ instructed that given the modification of the powers of the Executive Secretariat, “the person holding said position will cease to function as of its publication.” However, the official filed a judicial appeal and obtained the judgment in his favor last March 10, so was reinstated in position.

    Despite the fact that he returned to the INE, Jacobo Molina presented his resignation this day, explaining that “the institutional design that we have sought for so many years, as well as the balance that has always been executed with it, it was broken in the last few months by some political actors that, in the most recent debate on the electoral reform, made the technical operation, necessarily impartial, part of the political debate”.

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    This, he said, forced him to go out to the public defense of electoral institutions; However, he ruled out that he was seeking a benefit by remaining in office, since he only defended the powers conferred by the Constitution on autonomous bodies, such as the INE.

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    “My commitment to the INE is to defend a heritage that we have built together for more than three decades and today is the heritage of society as a whole. During my stay at this institution I have ensured its autonomy and impartiality, I will continue with this attitude in other spaces,” he said.

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    “I have completed my cycle to serve the INE and Mexican democracy,” stressed Jacobo Molina, adding that with his resignation He responds to the Mexicans who have supported him.

    “I am one of millions willing to defend democracy and the construction of a more just and equitable society,” he said.

    Source: RT

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