NewsThe Ecuadorian candidate Christian Zurita denounces the alleged illegality of a Topic...

    The Ecuadorian candidate Christian Zurita denounces the alleged illegality of a Topic company and they respond

    From Telconet they clarified that they complied with the contract for the installation of cameras, but that they have not yet received “a single penny as payment for the service.”

    The Ecuadorian presidential candidate Christian Zurita denounced this Wednesday an alleged illegal business for 30 million dollars between the Telconet company, related to the candidate Jan Topic, with the Municipality of Guayaquil.

    According to Zurita, who is waiting for the National Electoral Council (CNE) to qualify his candidacy for the Construye movement to participate in the elections on August 20, replacing the assassinated candidate Fernando Villavicencio, it is a contract signed between the company and the Mayor’s Office for the provision of video surveillance cameras, which ensured “they don’t work” and Guayaquil continues to “pay money” for that.

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    He added, from the room of a Guayaquil hotel, that this was a complaint that Villavicencio planned to deliver in the presidential debate, which took place last Sunday, four days after his assassination.

    “Win Votes”

    After making the complaint, Zurita received a response from Tomislav Topic, general manager of Telconet and father of Jan Topic, the candidate supported by the alliance For a Country without Fear, which is made up of the Social Christian Party (PSC), the Patriotic Society and the Centro Democratic.

    Through a statement, the executive acknowledged that Telconet participated in a public tender for the provision of a video surveillance and analytical camera system with the previous administration of the Municipality of Guayaquil, when Cynthia Viteri was mayor, whose management ended last May.

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    He added that the signature won the contest “with the best price and conditions” and has fulfilled the contract, installing 18,000 cameras, but “has not yet received a single penny as payment for the service.”

    “Despite not having received any payment, Telconet continues to provide the service,” which, says Topic, “It has served so that a very high number of crime cases have been solved“.

    The Telconet general manager invited the presidential candidates “not to resort to dirty campaigns, slander and lies in order to win votes.”

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    Source: RT

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