NewsThe Colombian government and the FARC dissidents announced the installation of peace...

    The Colombian government and the FARC dissidents announced the installation of peace talks

    They were suspended two months ago due to a rebel attack. They will begin with the ratification of a truce.

    The Colombian State and the most powerful of the former FARC groups among those that did not sign the 2016 peace agreement announced that they will resume talks suspended two months ago by a rebel attack.

    In a statement, the government of President Gustavo Petro and the Central General Staff of the FARC-EP (EMC) said that the negotiations would begin with a ratification of a truce that had governed until the dialogue was cut off.

    The note added that adjustments to the cessation of hostilities protocolas well as ways to protect the civilian population and mechanisms to monitor compliance with the truce.

    The joint statement said that the names of the members of the negotiating teams will be announced soon, but not when the talks would resume.

    Colombian President Gustavo Petro. AFP photo

    “full peace”

    The Government and the EMC had initiated contacts and reached a ceasefire as part of Petro’s “total peace” strategy of trying to end all the armed conflicts that Colombia has dragged on for so many decades.

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    However, the government suspended this particular process in May after the murder by the EMC of four minors indigenous people who had deserted from one of the guerrilla group’s fronts.

    FARC dissidents, with the image of Che Guevara.  AFP photo

    FARC dissidents, with the image of Che Guevara. AFP photo

    “In the installation of the Peace Dialogue Table, the parties will discuss and prove the bilateral and temporary ceasefire of a national nature,” both parties said in the statement, the Europa Press news agency reported.

    They will discuss “adjustments to the bilateral and temporary ceasefire protocol of a national nature and protection of the civilian population”, and implementation of monitoring and verification mechanismsin addition to the way in which civil society will participate.

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    the rivals

    This dissidence has about 3,200 people under arms and is commanded by Ivan Mordisco and other middle managers of the extinct FARC guerrilla that did not accept the Peace Agreement with the FARC in 2016.

    It is estimated that they are distributed in 23 fronts that operate in 16 departments of the country. They are rivals of the other great dissidence of the FARC, Segunda Marquetalia.

    in certain areas They also rival the National Liberation Army (ELN)which is about to start a truce of more than five months with the Petro government.

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    The joint statement added that in the talks there will be “a permanent presence of officials from the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace and representatives of the international community, the Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches.

    “The parties reiterate their firm intention to move towards the construction of a Peace Agreement that puts an end to the armed confrontation and that promotes the achievement of comprehensive, stable and lasting peacewith social and environmental justice,” the note added.

    Source: AP


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