NewsThe College of Teachers of Chile maintains the indefinite strike in force

    The College of Teachers of Chile maintains the indefinite strike in force

    The union made this decision until the trend is clear in the results of a survey carried out among teaching staff nationwide on whether to accept or reject the Government’s latest proposal.

    The College of Teachers of Chile determined this Thursday that continues with the indefinite strike which he has maintained for three days, demanding a salary update and other demands.

    The teaching union decided to maintain the measure of force, after not counting all the votes in a survey carried out by the entity among the country’s teachers on whether to accept or reject it. the latest proposal from the national governmentpresented this week by the Ministry of Education.

    The offer promised to meet the demands of the teaching staff and take over from 2024 a reparation payment for all those affected. Likewise, a gradual payment of retirement bonuses pending since 2018 was provided.

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    No clear trend

    In a statement to the press, the president of the union, Carlos Diaz, reported that 78% of the votes were counted and what’s up “a difference of minus 700 votes between one option and the other, which obviously makes impossible to define at this moment, what is going to be the winning option?

    “The respective reports continue to arrive from the communes. We will continue counting the results of these communes and tomorrow we will have to deliver the definition regarding what the country’s teachers have expressed,” he remarked.

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    Diaz emphasized that, since there is no clear trend, “the indefinite national strike continues and the action plan prepared for tomorrow.” In this context, he called on the teaching staff to “carry out flag-waving, marches in each of the communes” of the nation to reiterate their “legitimate” demands before the Executive of President Gabriel Boric.

    “Historical debt”

    The strike had begun this Tuesday, August 29, after the board of directors of the teaching union held a meeting with the Minister of Education, Nicolas Cataldo, in which no agreement was reached.

    The College of Teachers demands a “historical debt”as he calls the salary damage suffered by thousands of public school teachers during the dictatorship of Augustus Pinochet (1973-1990).

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    During that period, the administration of school establishments was transferred from the State to the municipalities, which prevented professionals from receiving the salary adjustment that was contemplated in Decree Law No. 3,551 (Article 40), since this was unknown due to its new employers.

    In addition to repairing the “historical debt”, the teaching sector asks to improve the Local Public Education Services (SLEP), communal administrations that replace the municipalities; change the financing model of Education; put an end to work overwhelm teacher; review the entire school day; measures to stop school violence; the definition of a permanent retirement policy and additional payment for special education and nursery teachers (preschool education).

    Source: RT

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