Newsthe CIA knew that Ukraine was preparing a team to burst the...

    the CIA knew that Ukraine was preparing a team to burst the Nordstream gas pipelines

    According to the American newsper The Washington Post, the secret services of a European country had notified the agency three months before the explosion.

    the saga of the explosion in September last year of the Russian-German Nordstream gas pipelines that ran along the bed of the Baltic Sea continues to give theories while the German, Swedish and Danish governments quietly carry out an official investigation.

    According to an account on Tuesday the American newsper The Washington Postthe secret services of a European country had notified the CIA three months before the explosion that Ukraine had prepared a team of its special forces with the aim of bursting those pipes.

    The Washington Post He assures that his information comes from confidential documents published on the Internet by the American contractor Jack Teixeira before he was discovered and arrested last April.

    These documents, according to information from the American newsper, say that four months after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine (February 24, 2022) the secret services of a European country notified the CIA that a team of divers under the orders direct from the High General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces prepared the blasting.

    The CIA knew that a team of divers under the direct orders of the High General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was preparing the blasting. Photo Reuters

    The objective

    The Nordstream gas pipelines (the second never came into service) have always been seen as an attempt by Moscow and Berlin to trade Russian natural gas while avoiding the territory of countries politically hostile to Russia such as Ukraine or Poland.

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    Washington had warned during the terms of Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Joe Biden that it condemned the construction of these infrastructures because they served to reinforce the dependency that the Europeans had of Russia in the matter of hydrocarbons.

    If the theory he publishes is true The Washington Post The United States would not be behind the explosions, as veteran journalist Seymour Hersh recounted, but it would have been aware of it and would have done nothing to prevent it from being blown up. Washington would have warned Germany. Ukraine is not the only country with the ability to exploit these infrastructures.

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    The countries of the region have what it takes to do so, as do Russia and the United States. The only sure thing is that his blowout sealed an investment that could earn Moscow tens of billions of dollars a year.

    The information of The Washington Post coincides with what the German investigation has been discovering. Berlin believes that a team of six people with false passports chartered a small sailboat in the port city of Rostock, from where they carried out the operation. The Polish company that rented them the sailboat would actually be a Ukrainian cover.

    another theory

    This theory does clash with the one defended by the Danish Defense Ministry. The Danish press reported at the end of April that his government believed that Russia was behind the explosion.

    The Russian Nord Stream gas pipeline, the axis of a conflict in Europe.

    The Russian Nord Stream gas pipeline, the axis of a conflict in Europe.

    According to their information, a Russian special ship of the SS-750 type, specialized in underwater operations and underwater maritime rescue, was in the area of ​​the explosion four days before before it occurred and was carrying an AS-26 Priz type mini-submarine on board, the kind used for operations on the seabed. A Danish patrol boat took 26 photogrhs of the ship.

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    Danish Defense experts believe that the track of the Russian ship is correct because of the time it was in place, without moving for hours, and because it is a ship specially prepared for operations such as repairing a gas pipeline. Or pop it.

    That ship left the Russian port of Kaliningrad 24 hours before the explosion and he sailed with the transponder turned off so as not to be detected.


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