NewsThe Brazilian Police detains 48 suspects of child abuse in a mega-operation

    The Brazilian Police detains 48 suspects of child abuse in a mega-operation

    Since the beginning of the actions, last August, at least 130 people have been arrested.

    The Federal Police of Brazil carried out an operation against child sexual abuse in the 27 states of the country that resulted in the arrest of 48 people. The first actions of this operation, dubbed ‘Guardians of Children’, began in August and to date 130 people have been arrested.

    “The objective of the operation is to remove from society people who had already been investigated, criminally prosecuted and convicted, giving effectiveness to the criminal justice system and preventing new crimes against children and adolescents from being committed,” the police wrote in a statement.

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    As explained to the press by the head of the Cybercrime and Repression Division, Cassiana de Carvalho, the suspects are both men and women, aged between 24 and 97, which shows that there is no specific profile.

    “We highlight this a lot, because there is still a mentality that there is a profile. Many think that women cannot commit sexual abuse, or that the abuser is not inside the house and will always approach the victim in the street,” Cassiana said.

    The corporation explained that the fight against sexual abuse is a “priority” of the Police, which has a specialized unit on the subject.

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    Source: RT

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