NewsTesla Announces $3.6 Billion Investment to Produce Semi Trucks and Batteries

    Tesla Announces $3.6 Billion Investment to Produce Semi Trucks and Batteries

    It will allocate the funds to the construction of 2 new plants, which will form part of its Gigafactory complex in Nevada.

    Tesla plans to expand its Gigafactory complex in Nevada with an investment of more than 3,600 million dollarsbuilding two new plants: one to produce electric Semi trucks and another to manufacture the new 4680 battery cell, the American company announced on Tuesday.

    Tesla presents the expected Semi truck, "an elephant moving like a cheetah"

    the new factories will help to create about 3,000 jobs and they will expand the complex in Nevada, which currently produces batteries and different parts for vehicles. One of the new plants will be the first to produce electric semi trucks on a large scale.

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    Tesla already made the first deliveries of the Semi in December to the PepsiCo company. More trucks are expected to be delivered to Anheuser-Busch, UPS and Walmart soon. Tesla CEO Elon Musk declared last October that his company aspired to produce 50,000 semi trucks in 2024.

    The second plant, for its part, will be capable of producing batteries, including those of the 4680 type, enough for more than 1.5 million light vehicles. Cells for the 4680 are key to reducing the cost of batteries used in vehicles and increasing their production nearly 100-fold by 2030.

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    Source: RT

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