NewsTerror in Colombia: Armed motorists murder five people at an outdoor party

    Terror in Colombia: Armed motorists murder five people at an outdoor party

    The hypothesis of the Police is that the new configuration of the criminal structures in Barranquilla caused the tragedy.

    A new massacre was perpetrated on the night of Sunday, March 19, in the city of Barranquilla, capital of the Atlantico department (Colombia), where five people were killed and 14 were injured after a shootout that took place in the middle of an outdoor party.

    In the La Loma neighborhood, in the historic center of Barranquilla, a group of people shared to the rhythm of music around 11:00 at night, until six men on motorcycles fired indiscriminatelyinformed the Metropolitan Police of the city.

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    Two of the victims died at the scene, while the other three lost their lives in health centers. The dead were identified as Moises Rafael Pacheco de la Cruz, Dailes Mar Coronel Alvarez, Alberto Enrique Guerrero, Ludy del Carmen Londono Munoz and Georgina Ortiz Berrio.

    According to the commander of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police, Jorge Urquijo, this event would have occurred within the framework of the new configuration of criminal structures, trying to take control of the port areas of the town.

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    “These groups are known as Los Costenos, led by alias ‘Castor’, and Los Pepes, led by alias ‘Digno Palomino,'” Urquijo was quoted as saying by local media.

    A specialized group from the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation and the National Police has already started with the respective investigation. In addition, the authorities offer a reward of 100 million pesos for information to find and capture those responsible.

    On January 29, four people were killed and six were injured inside a venue in Barranquilla, where they were watching the game between Junior and Deportivo Independiente Medellin.

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    Source: RT

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