NewsTelevision camera captures "campal battle" to blows and blows between neighbors and...

    Television camera captures “campal battle” to blows and blows between neighbors and Peruvian uniformed

    The uniformed men, who were the majority, brutally attacked the civilians, who were defending themselves.

    A pitched battle with sticks between a group of residents of a municipality in Lima and several uniformed officers took place in a stadium in front of the cameras of a television channel, which recorded the scene.

    The reason for the exchange of blows and shovels -which were recorded in a video that went viral- would be the refusal of a group of neighbors to allow these facilities to pass into the hands of the local authorities. This unleashed a brutal repression by the security forces.

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    A reporter from the ATV Noticias channel narrated live what happened, while on the screens kicks, blows with sticks, stones and clubs.

    The presence of night watchmen from the municipality of Ate Vitarte —the body that supports the work of the Police— was in the majority, so the uniformed men had a clear advantage over the inhabitants of the area, who also defended themselves with blows.

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    In the images it can be seen when a uniformed officer beats down a man, who falls to the ground and is attacked by other officials.

    According to the aforementioned media, the residents oppose the administration of the Los Sauces stadium becoming the responsibility of the mayor Franco Vidal Morales, who has held that position since last January.

    So far, La Republica, the sports field, a playground and video surveillance facilities They were run by the municipality and a neighborhood association.

    Source: RT

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