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    “Technology center of Central America”: Bukele reveals an agreement between El Salvador and Google

    According to a video published by the president, Google “will open an office in El Salvador to modernize different areas” of the country in the next seven years.

    Google and the Government of El Salvador have signed a seven-year agreement to turn the country “into the technological center of Central America,” advertisement this Wednesday the Salvadoran president, Nayib Bukele, on his X account (formerly Twitter).

    According to a video posted by the president on the social network, the technology giant “will open an office in El Salvador to modernize different areas” of the country in the next seven years.

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    As part of the agreement, “Google will use artificial intelligence to make everything the health system have information shared in real time” and so that it can “offer better diagnoses and more timely treatments,” the statement details.

    The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele

    Regarding the sphere of educationit is reported that the American company “will help implement a unified educational platform so that directors, teachers, parents and the entire educational community have the necessary tools to teach” children.

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    This agreement also applies to digital government. In this way, it will be possible to facilitate “the processes and projects of the country by digitizing and reorganizing permits, invoices and other documents required to expedite the execution of works, as well as reducing time and eliminating bureaucratic procedures for national and international private investments.”

    “This agreement opens the possibilities for our country to use technological infrastructure and artificial intelligence in other areas such as traffic, security and the improvement of public spaces,” the video explains.

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    “Google will not only invest in El Salvador, but will bring new technologies for our country,” he concludes, adding that the treaty will generate employment and grow the national economy.

    Source: RT

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