NewsTech giant reveals new capabilities of Chinese alternative to ChatGPT

    Tech giant reveals new capabilities of Chinese alternative to ChatGPT

    Ernie bot’s new features add to the initial tasks, which include text-to-image conversion, as well as poetry composition, among others.

    The Chinese search engine Baidu has unveiled on Monday pre-recorded videos of its new artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot Ernie bot which demonstrates the multiple abilities of the tool presented on March 16, collects Reuters.

    According to the outlet, the images shared by a spokesperson for the technology giant through the WeChat social network show that Ernie bot is capable of create travel itineraries and make live broadcasts They can advertise products using scripts tailored to the user’s needs.

    Chinese response to ChatGPT: Baidu introduces chatbot Ernie and its shares fall

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    These functions are in addition to the tasks revealed in the AI ​​presentation that include language comprehension and generation, text to image conversion. In addition, he showed proficiency in composing poetry and producing audio in Chinese dialects. This covered technologies related to ChatGPT, a tool that has marked a turning point in AI.

    The videos were exposed in a closed-door meeting, which was initially intended to be a product launch open to the media and the public. However, the format changed after strong demand from more than 120,000 companies that applied to test the new AI. It is noted that this change caused Baidu’s shares to fall by as much as 4.5% this Monday.

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    According to the outlet, more companies will be able to sign up to test the version of the Ernie bot starting March 31, while the regular version remains open for users lucky enough to get invite codes to try it out.

    Source: RT

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