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    Sudan says armed groups will be integrated into a unified army after transition

    The president of the Sovereign Transitional Council of Sudan, Abdelfatá al Burhan, has assured that all the armed groups present in the country will be integrated into a unified Army once the transition initiated after the overthrow in April 2019 of the then president, Omar Hasan al Bashir, is completed.

    Al Burhan stressed that this integration of the armed groups into the Armed Forces is part of the demobilization, disarmament and reintegration process, before adding that the authorities “are working seriously to complete this matter before the end of the transition period”.

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    Thus, he has indicated that a large part of the forces integrated in the rebel groups that signed the historic peace agreement of October 2020 will be absorbed by the Army to meet the organizational requirements, while stressing that the Army is a key element for “security” and “national unity”.

    Al Burhan explained that the process of demobilization, disarmament and reintegration will be based on the population of each region, according to the latest census, and that the entry of recruits into the Armed Forces will also depend on their competence, as reported by the Sudan Tribune news portal.

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    The members of the armed groups will have to undergo a period of training in military academies before joining the army, a process that will also affect the controversial Rapid Support Forces (RSF), a paramilitary force headed by Al Burhan’s ‘number two’, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, alias ‘Hemedti’.

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    The RSF of ‘Hemedti’, a former Janjaweed commander who participated in the war in Darfur, has been accused of being behind the repression of The RSF of ‘Hemedti in recent months, which have resulted in dozens of deaths, as well as other abuses against the population.

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    The transitional government, which now includes the rebels who signed the peace agreement, made peace with the rebels one of its main priorities, as it was one of the key conditions for the United States to remove the country from the list of sponsors of terrorism, something already announced by Washington.

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