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    “Stop”, the request of the grandmother of the murdered young man after another night of violent incidents

    “I tell people who are breaking things to stop,” the woman said in an interview. Last night a car was crashed into a mayor’s house in the suburbs of Paris.

    the grandmother of Nahel M.the 17-year-old French teenager killed last week by a police officer, called for calm this Sunday after five nights of clashes between police and protesters in Paris and other French cities.

    I want all this to stop. To people who are breaking things I tell them to stop. Don’t destroy the schools“lamented the woman, identified as Nadia, in a conversation with the Bfmtv network.

    Nadia accused part of the protesters of use the death of his grandson “as an excuse” to destroy the country.

    “Don’t destroy the schools, don’t destroy the buses, because it’s the mothers who use them,” he said. The woman herself also said that she was “tired” of the crisis.

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    He also indicated that the situation was even worse for his daughter, Nahel’s mother, who “has no life left,” he lamented.

    There have already been five nights of incidents in Paris after Nahuel’s crime. Photo: ADP

    The wave of violence broke out last Tuesday after the death of Nahel as a result of a point-blank shot by a policeman during a traffic control in Nanterre, near Paris. The episode was recorded on video.

    However, Nadia condemned the demonstrations of support for the police agent who shot her grandson, such as the one carried out by the right-wing columnist Jean Messiha, who opened a collection to financially support the family of the 38-year-old agent.

    The policeman has been detained since the day of the murder, accused of voluntary manslaughter.

    Messiha assured that the agent limited himself to “doing his job” after opening fire on the young man at a checkpoint, “and now he is paying a high price for it.”

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    “It breaks my heart,” Nadia responded to this initiative.

    “I blame the policeman who killed my grandson,” added the woman, who nevertheless exonerated the rest of the body. “I have nothing against them. It’s a good thing they’re there,” she finished.

    Another night of incidents

    The attack with a vehicle against the home of a mayor on the outskirts of Paris marked the fifth consecutive night of riots in Francealthough the violence was less intense than in previous days.

    French President Emmanuel Macron announced a crisis meeting this Sunday afternoon with his prime minister and the heads of the Interior and Justice.

    Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun's house was attacked last night.  Photo: Reuters

    Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun’s house was attacked last night. Photo: Reuters

    One of the most serious incidents occurred in a small town in the suburbs of Paris, L’Ha les Roses, where a car crashed into the house of mayor Vincent Jeanbrun early Sunday morningfrom the conservative Los Republicanos party, and then caught fire.

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    The wife and one of their two young children were slightly injured while leaving the house.

    Jeanbrun, who was at the town hall at the time of the attack to coordinate the response to the riots, denounced a “assassination attempt”.

    According to the prosecution, the first indications suggest that “the vehicle was launched with the intention of burning the house.”

    Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne called the attack “intolerable” and the Association of French Mayors (AMF) called a rally on Monday at noon in front of municipalities across the country.

    According to the president of the AMF, David Lisnard, “150 city halls or municipal buildings have been attacked” since Tuesday.

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