NewsSouth SudanSouth Sudan: Nearly 20 people killed in new inter-community clashes

    South Sudan: Nearly 20 people killed in new inter-community clashes

    Around 20 people have been killed in fresh inter-communal clashes in South Sudan’s central Lagos state, which has seen a dramatic spike in such incidents in recent months, affecting other parts of South Sudan as well.

    The fighting broke out on Monday in Cueibet county and has left six people injured, while authorities have again pointed to an attempted cattle raid as the reason for the clashes, South Sudanese broadcaster Eye Radio reported.

    Local police spokesman Mabor Makuach said the clashes involved members of the Kongoor, Waat and Pakam communities, before adding that they were sparked by an attack by the latter on a cattle camp.

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    The increase in this type of events led the president, Salva Kiir, to give orders in early January to the security forces to intervene in these clashes, which are usually motivated by attempts to steal cattle and disputes between herders and farmers in the most fertile areas of the country, especially due to the increase in desertification and the displacement of populations.

    In view of this situation, the President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, gave orders to the security forces at the beginning of January to intervene in the face of the increase in inter-community clashes and attacks in different parts of the African country.

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