News"SOS" in the sand – DW – 08/23/2023

    “SOS” in the sand – DW – 08/23/2023

    SOS was written in large format on the beach of Cay Sal. As has now become known, the self-made lettering on the shore of the Bahamas island helped to save a shipwrecked person. The 64-year-old stayed on Cay Sal for three days and was rescued on Friday, the US Coast Guard said. His sailing boat capsized just off the beach, but he was unharmed.

    The US Coast Guard has now released images of the giant letters the man wrote in the sand. The stranded had also drawn the attention of the rescuers with a flare gun. “The case is a perfect example of having proper safety equipment on board,” said Dev Craig of the Key West Coast Guard in Florida.

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    Capsized sailboat: “Adequate safety equipment on board”Image: US Coast Guard/AP/dpa/picture alliance

    Alerted by signals from the beach, the crew of a plane from Coast Guard Air Station Miami dropped food, water and a radio to communicate with the man. He was then taken to safety by a Coast Guard boat, the Coast Guard said in a press release.

    AR/wa (dpa, ap)

    Source: DW

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