Newssoldiers executing civilians after a chase

    soldiers executing civilians after a chase

    A video in which you see soldiers executing civilians in Nuevo Laredo, Mexicoshakes the country and the fact even reached President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who acknowledged what hpened and assured that “this cannot be allowed.”

    The sequence, collected on May 18, shows how the military remove civilians from a vanwho had just crashed into a wall at full speed after a chase.

    There you can see that some of the civilians carry weons and the soldiers disarm them, kick them and then place them next to a wall. Minutes later, the military seem to be taking refuge from something and, meanwhile, shoot at civilians.

    Four of the five civilians were killed instantly and one died later at the hospital.

    The alleged execution of five civilians by the military in Mexico. video cture

    But it’s not all there. After the firing squad, soldiers alter the scene. One of them grabs long weons with a red bag to avoid touching them with his hands and leaving traces and places them next to the corpses.

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    Later, another soldier realizes that one of the bodies is still wearing the handcuffs, which they put on him earlier, he asks another comrade for the key and takes them off.

    The officer in charge of the military convoy, infantry lieutenant Jose Luis N, later explained, according to the report he presented, that his men were disarming the civilians when their companions attacked them with bullets, “in an attempt to rescue your personal”.

    According to the official, the military answered. Meanwhile, the detained civilians were trying to recover their weons, according to this version to which he agreed The country from Spain. When the shots were finished, the military realized that four of the five were dead and one more in critical condition, as a result of the crossfire.

    Despite the official report, in the video no other civilian van is seen near where they are, nor is anyone other than the military firing, although there is a moment of confusion in which the soldiers seem to react to a supposed attack.

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    In addition, in the video you can see how at least three soldiers shoot at the five unarmed civilians, next to the wall. Between the shots from the soldiers, one of the five moves, wriggles, as if he wanted to flee. He looks hurt, he is blindfolded. Seconds later, he stops moving.

    After the repercussion that the event had, the Mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorrecognized this Wednesday that the military executed five people in Nuevo Laredo, on the border with the United States.

    “They informed me and action is already being taken, Apparently there was an execution and that cannot be allowedwe are not the same as previous governments,” the president said at his daily press conference.

    And he continued: “It will be analyzed, but from the outset the Defense Secretariat itself is recommending that action be taken for the alleged crime of extrajudicial execution. Yes, it is the Prosecutor’s Office that is going to do its job, but there is no cover-up, because we We do not tolerate the violation of human rights,” said Lopez Obrador.

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    This is not the first time that a similar event has occurred, since just last February the military also killed five young people in Nuevo Laredo.

    Then, the military assassinated five unarmed boys and badly wounded another. They all came from spending the night in a disco. A seventh young man, who was unharmed, narrated later that the military had attacked them with bullets for no reason, when they were returning home.

    That boy also recounted that the military shot one of his colleagues, badly wounded, when he was getting out of the car in which they were all going, already when the uniformed officers had the situation under control.

    The case achieved great notoriety in the press, because in various videos relatives of the boys peared, confronting the military guarding the scene. Some soldiers fired into the air or to the ground. Civilians managed to knock down some soldiers and kicked them to the ground.

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    Source: Clarin

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