NewsSix dead after private plane crash in California

    Six dead after private plane crash in California

    According to the first investigations, there was dense fog in the area that could have caused the aircraft to miss the runway for landing.

    six people died this Saturday in southern California, United States, after the private plane they were traveling in crashed. According to the first investigations, in the area there was a Dense fog that could have caused the aircraft to miss the runway for landing.

    According to a statement from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office, deputies located the plane, a Cessna C550 business jetengulfed in flames and declared the six people on board dead.

    The accident took place near the town of Murrieta, southwest of Los Angeles and about 130 kilometers from the Mexican border. The flight had originally departed from Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas before crashing into the field, it said. KTLA.

    Radar data from FlightAware flight tracking website shows only one commercial airliner traveling from Las Vegas to French Valley at the time. That plane circled close to the field before coming down.

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    A dense fog covered the area on Saturday morning, reported KTLAwhich may have caused the aircraft to miss the runway by several hundred metres.

    The flames burned proximately one acre (just under half a hectare) of vegetation before being controlled, the area fire service reported via Twitter.

    The victims have not been publicly identified at this time and, according to the sheriff’s office, the investigation will be taken over by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board.

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    A Venezuelan military plane crashed due to a bird and its pilot died

    A plane belonging to the Bolivarian Military Aviation of Venezuela crashed last Sunday because of a bird and caused the death of the pilot despite the fact that he managed to eject as well as the other crew member, who survived.

    As officially reported, Colonel Paulino Jose Millan Sabino was piloting the ship, a Sukhoi 30 Mk2 acronym 3363, in the Guaicaipuro municipality of the Bolivarian state of Miranda, together with Lieutenant Colonel Sergio Luis Hernandez Gomez, when a bird entered the engine system. , which caused him to fall to the ground.

    The Venezuelan Ministry of the Interior and Justice clarified that the accident was not caused by mechanical damage or human error.

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    On its social networks, that Venezuelan state portfolio published the exact moment in which the bird caused the fatal incident in the Maitana sector, Paracotos parish, in the central region of the Caribbean country and south of Caracas.

    According to local media, Millan Sabino, nicknamed “Obelisco” by his colleagues, was a fighter pilot who had been promoted on June 30 after achieving first place in the order of merit of his promotion to reach the rank of Commando Colonel. The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, ordered his postmortem promotion to the rank of Brigadier General.

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