NewsSeveral videos would show French protesters firing shotguns and Kalashnikov rifles

    Several videos would show French protesters firing shotguns and Kalashnikov rifles

    These images would have been captured in the streets of the cities of Lyon, Nimes and Oyonnax, although their authenticity has not yet been confirmed.

    In a context in which France is experiencing one of the most violent weeks in recent years due to the riots caused by the death of 17-year-old Nahel, videos have been widely disseminated on social networks in which, allegedly, protesters firing shotguns and Kalashnikov assault rifles in the streets. However, the authenticity of these images has not yet been confirmed.

    On the night from Friday to Saturday, numerous French cities once again plunged into chaos. Although previously the protesters had limited themselves to setting fires, committing acts of vandalism and launching fireworks, this time some of them in the cities of Lyon, Nimes and Oyonnax allegedly obtained firearms.

    Thus, according to the images captured, the rioters would have used shotguns in the streets of Nimes to destroy security cameras. In addition, videos recorded in Lyon show individuals firing a Kalashnikov assault rifle. The same scene was captured in Oyonnax.

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    At the same time, one of the videos showing two men shooting into the air with Kalashnikov rifles in Oyonnax, located in the department of Ain, which went viral on Twitter on Friday, has drawn the attention of law enforcement. . “The Police have taken the case under their control and are carrying out the necessary investigations,” he said from the Ain Prefecture to Actu Lyon.

    However, although the location of the incident has been determined, it is still not clear when exactly it occurred or if the rifles were real. The Police, who went to the place, did not find any casings there, despite the fact that, according to the video, many shots had been fired. The outlet suggests that the video was not recorded recently or the rifles were fake.

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    For their part, the authorities have admitted that several police officers were injured by shotgun fire during the fourth night of violence. As a consequence, according to local media, only in Lyon and its surroundings between four and seven uniformed officers received blows to the face and legs. Although they presented bruises on their bodies, they are out of danger, detailed the authorities.

    Meanwhile, it is reported that this Saturday night 121 people have already been arrested throughout the country, 56 of them in Paris. For its part, the Police reported that among those detained in the capital, there are 37 preventive detentions for “carrying a weapon.” He specified that these detained demonstrators were carrying objects that could constitute a weapon or that could be used as a projectile.

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    Source: RT

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