NewsSamsung launches a new campaign to make fun of the iPhone (VIDEO)

    Samsung launches a new campaign to make fun of the iPhone (VIDEO)

    On this occasion, the South Korean company took advantage of the World Cup theme to mock its top competitor in the smartphone market.

    Once again, Samsung has mocked one of its biggest competitors in the smartphone market, Apple. On this occasion, he did not mock the high costs of accessories for his devices or the characteristics of his camera, but rather mocked because the American firm does not have a folding iPhone model.

    In its most recent advertising campaign, the South Korean company took advantage of the Qatar World Cup theme to point out its competitor’s shortcomings.

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    In it, he shows a crowd of flip phones waving in a football stadium, all of them with different smiley face emoticons, while iPhones, which show sad emojis, can’t participate because they don’t have movement.

    “Do you want a smartphone that can’t wave?” the commercial reads, as one of the iPhones ends up falling on its screen while trying to imitate the rest of the devices. “It’s time to fold together,” the commercial concludes.

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    Source: RT

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