NewsRussian Intelligence Service denounces Polish plans to establish control over "the most...

    Russian Intelligence Service denounces Polish plans to establish control over “the most promising sectors of the economy” of Ukraine

    Meanwhile, kyiv creates a legal basis to facilitate these efforts by Warsaw, including a law that “allows the sale of Ukrainian industrial companies at a 50% discount.”

    Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service on Monday denounced Poland’s plans to establish its control over “the most promising sectors” of the Ukrainian economy.

    The Service reported that Warsaw began the realization of its ambitious plans “regarding Ukraine”adding that “it is becoming more and more evident that it is not only about the possibility of the deployment of ‘Polish peacekeepers’ in the western regions of this country, but the establishment of control over the most promising sectors of the country’s economy neighbour”.

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    Among these sectors is agricultural production. Thus, Polish companies use the difficult situation that Ukrainian farmers are going through and organize the purchase of their products at low prices, in some cases causing the bankruptcy of the companies. Then they plan to buy their assets cheaply. “This can be illustrated, for example, with the facts of buying new crop barley for $30 a ton, which is almost 5 times cheaper than the real value of this product“, reads a statement from the Service.

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    In addition, Poland invests money in the creation of “transport and other logistics infrastructure for the unhindered export of Ukrainian food to Europe and other markets, where prices are significantly higher,” they said.

    In this context, they specified that kyiv creates a legal basis to facilitate these efforts in Warsaw. For example, the Verkhovna Rada – the Parliament of Ukraine – passed at the end of July a law granting special legal status to Poles in Ukraine and “a law on privatization allowing the sale of Ukrainian industrial enterprises with a 50% discount“.

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    “In this way, the current authorities in kyiv have essentially already started a sale of the country, giving priority in this ‘business project’ to the Polish neighbors,” they concluded.

    Source: RT

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