NewsRussian ambassador in Paraguay: "De-dollarization processes are underway all over the world"

    Russian ambassador in Paraguay: “De-dollarization processes are underway all over the world”

    According to Alexander Pisarev, “it has become clear that the dollar is not a world currency, but a financial weapon of mass destruction.”

    The Russian ambassador in Paraguay, Alexander Pisarev, has expressed, in an interview with the program ‘Hablemos claro’ of the America Paraguay channel, that “the attempts of the collective West to strangle Russia economically failed”.

    Despite the fact that “the blow was hard”, “Russia resisted” and managed “stabilize the situation by redistributing the markets”, he asserted. According to Pisarev, Western sanctions also affected “the countries that imposed them, but worst of all, they affected the world economy, especially the energy and food markets.”

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    Likewise, the head of the diplomatic legation stressed that “one of the current trends is the process of de-dollarization of the world economy.” “It has become evident that the dollar not a world currency, but a financial weapon of mass destruction“, he stressed.

    In this context, the senior diplomat stated that “de-dollarization processes are underway throughout the world.” Specifically, he mentioned that Argentina and Brazil are considering creating a common currency.

    For his part, Victor Sanchez Villagra, presenter of the program, indicated that “it is not by chance what is also happening with Russia”, and recalled that the West attacked Iraq “to keep Iraqi oil” and now a similar situation is happening with Venezuelan gold. “They block millions and millions of dollars that you have in the US to keep the dollar for themselves”he highlighted.

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    You can see the full version of the interview here:

    Source: RT

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