NewsRussian ambassador in Argentina denounces that the arms supplied to kyiv are...

    Russian ambassador in Argentina denounces that the arms supplied to kyiv are diverted to the black market

    “A portable anti-aircraft missile system in the hands of a single terrorist poses a threat to the security of an entire airport,” the senior diplomat said.

    The Russian ambassador in Argentina, Dmitri Feoktistov, has denounced that the weapons that Western countries supply to Ukraine are diverted en masse to the black market.

    According to the senior diplomat, since the start of the Russian military special operation, the West has transferred more than $150.8 billion to kyiv, and “almost a third of these funds ($48.8 billion) went to military spending.” “Compared, this amount would more than cover Argentina’s huge debts to the IMF“, he pointed.

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    In this context, Feoktistov indicated that the problem of arms leaks from a conflict zone “has been gradually recognized in Europe.” He also highlighted that the Secretary General of Interpol, Jurgen Stock, has warned that “it is to be expected that the illegal trade in arms supplied to kyiv will intensify.”

    CBS publishes a documentary criticized by kyiv in which it points out that 70% of the weapons sent to Ukraine do not reach the battlefront

    Likewise, the senior diplomat mentioned an investigation by RT in which it is revealed that “ads for the sale of Western weapons at bargain prices appeared on the dark network, the ‘darknet’, shortly after the start of the special operation.”

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    “It’s not only the Russian media that cares about the problem of arms smuggling,” Feoktistov stressed, recalling the CBS documentary ‘Arming Ukraine’ in which experts estimated that the bulk of Western weapons shipped to kyiv, about 70% do not reach the front lines of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

    The ambassador stated that “this means that Washington is unable to control the movement of his weapons once they cross the Ukrainian border”.

    “Who knows where Western assault rifles and missiles will end up tomorrow and how they will be used? A portable anti-aircraft missile system in the hands of a single terrorist means a threat to the security of an entire airport“, declared the senior diplomat, adding that”the drug cartels from all over the world are also interested in increasing their arsenals to expand their operations and increase the profits of their illicit businesses”.

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    Feoktistov summed up that “the irresponsible supply of modern weapons to Ukraine will subsequently have a direct projection to a wide variety of regionswho will face the risks of uncontrolled movement of lethal objects.”

    Source: RT

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