NewsRussiaRussia announces successful test of hypersonic missile

    Russia announces successful test of hypersonic missile

    The Russian Army on Monday announced another successful test launch of a new Zircon hypersonic cruise missile.

    The missile was launched from the frigate Admiral Groshkov in the White Sea in northern Russia, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

    The missile successfully hit its target more than 350 kilometers (217 miles) off the coast of the Barents Sea, the ministry said.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has said the Zircon missile could fly nine times the speed of the second and would have a range of 1,000 kilometers (620 miles).

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    Another test launch had been made in October, on Putin’s birthday. The president celebrated it as a great episode for the country.

    Equipping our armed forces – the Army and the Navy – with the latest, truly unparalleled weapons systems will certainly guarantee our country’s defense capability in the long term, Putin said on that occasion.

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