NewsRussia: "We note with concern calls to expand US nuclear bomb arsenals...

    Russia: “We note with concern calls to expand US nuclear bomb arsenals in Europe”

    From Moscow they stressed that it would be “naive” to expect that there would be no military and technical countermeasures by Russia in this area.

    The “inadequate” reaction of several Western countries to the decision to deploy Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus it is disconcertingespecially in the context of active storage of US nuclear weapons on European territory, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Monday.

    The spokeswoman recalled that it was the NATO countries that introduced the concept of calls “joint nuclear missions“, which have followed for decades. “At the center of this concept are US-owned nuclear weapons deployed in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Turkey“Zajarova explained on her social networks.

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    “We note with concern the recent calls to expand the geography of storage of US nuclear aerial bombs in Europe with the advancement of the relevant infrastructure towards the borders of the Russian and Belarusian Union State,” it added.

    The spokeswoman noted that the West has launched a hybrid war against Russia and has repeatedly declared its intention to inflict a “strategic defeat” on it. Therefore, it would be “naive” to expect that there would be no military and technical countermeasures by Moscow in this area, she stressed.

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    “We have reserved and continue to reserve the right to take any additional steps necessary to guarantee the security of Russia and its allies,” he concluded.

    “The US has been doing this for decades”

    Last Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Moscow and Minsk had agreed to deploy tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus. The president indicated that the construction of the warehouse that will house said weapons will end on July 1.

    “There is nothing unusual here either: first of all, The US has been doing this for decades. It has long been deploying its tactical nuclear weapons on the territories of its allies, the NATO countries, in Europe, in six states,” Putin stressed. Therefore, Moscow’s actions do not violate any international commitments on the proliferation of nuclear weapons. , according to the Russian president.

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    Following the announcement of the agreement between Moscow and Minsk, the European Union promised “respond with more sanctions.”

    Source: RT

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