NewsRussia specifies how it prevented the entry of a Ukrainian subversive group...

    Russia specifies how it prevented the entry of a Ukrainian subversive group into its territory

    The incident occurred the day before, when Russian forces thwarted an attempted infiltration by Ukrainians into the Russian border province of Bryansk.

    Russian forces launched a massive artillery attack against a Ukrainian sabotage group that the day before tried to infiltrate Russian territory through the border province of Bryansk, the press service of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) reported on Wednesday, providing details of the incident. .

    “Russian border guards timely detected and thwarted an attempt to penetrate Russian territory by a Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group. Together with the forces of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Rosgvardia [la Guardia Nacional rusa]the enemy’s armed formation was hit by a massive artillery attack,” the FSB said, stressing that there was no violation of the Russian state border.

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    The governor of the province, Alexander Bogomaz, reported on the incident on Tuesday. He claimed that “thanks to the coordinated and heroic action” of units of the Russian Armed Forces and other security forces, the Ukrainian attack was repelled.

    Source: RT

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